Save our Number 12 bus

The Basingstoke Liberal Democrats are fighting back against cuts to bus services in the Borough.

We want Hampshire County Council to reverse its plan to stop subsidising the Number 12 bus.

The route links Hatch Warren to the town centre, passing through Brighton Hill, Cranbourne, Black Dam and Eastrop along the way.

Stagecoach, which operates the route, has confirmed that it will no longer be able to continue the service without a subsidy.

Local residents rely on the Number 12 bus to get them to town, to doctors' surgeries, to work and to see friends and family. It's an essential public service yet the Conservatives-led County Council want to take it away from us.

We encourage everyone to back the campaign to save the Number 12 bus by signing this petition. We'll fight your corner and make sure that Hampshire County Council can see how much damage its budget cuts are causing in our town.

Sign up to this campaign online

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Print a signature sheet

Even if you've already signed up to this campaign, you can use the printable signature sheet to collect more signatures from your friends and neighbours.

You could go door to door on your street or pass the sheet around at a local event. Good places to leave a few copies include shops, pubs, libraries, and post offices - but don't forget to collect them and send them back to us.

When complete, please return (as soon as possible) to: Basingstoke Liberal Democrats, 1 Hurne Court, Basingstoke, RG21 4DE.