Hampshire County Candidates

Basingstoke Central

Ryan Hickling

Ryan Hickling

Basingstoke North

Michael Berwick-Gooding

I have lived in Basingstoke since I was a teenager and I have lived in Popley for 33 years, working locally, lastly providing computer support. I was on the management committee of Popley Fields Community Centre for eleven years, many of them as Treasurer. I have previously served as a Borough Councillor for Popley and as I look round the county division it looks neglected with roads, pavements, hedges and trees needing maintenance. A result of years of Tory cuts. If elected I would work at the county level to increase the maintenance budgets and ensure the area is not neglected. I would try to ensure that road improvements actually improve the roads and don't create roads which drivers perceive as unsafe, for example the Crockford Roundabout and the Binsfield Roundabout near Tesco. I would push for fairer funding for our schools and colleges and for there to be adequate school places provided locally, reducing the need for local children to be bussed to school. Fight to keep all Hampshire libraries open. Fight for more support for local bus routes under threat of being reduced or terminated. Fight for better social care both in a person's own home and care homes and try to ensure care homes are paid an economic rate for those being funded by the County Council. Give County Council powers to district councils so decisions can be made closer to people and encourage district councils to set up area committees so the County Council can give them the power to make decisions locally. I would work to kick-start the recovery and encourage and support new businesses to open in Hampshire and particularly in Basingstoke.

Michael Berwick-Gooding

Basingstoke North West

Martin Baker Chartered engineer, former managing director and owner of an electronics manufacturing company. Very involved in local community. A long-term activist in green issues. Believe that this country has never needed liberals more to help fight the ever-increasing centralisation and reduction in our democratic rights. Committed to fighting for more social housing. Proudly British and European.

Martin Baker

Basingstoke South East

Gavin James Gavin grew up in Basingstoke, attending local schools and Basingstoke College of Technology. He works locally and has lived in Eastrop for more than 20 years. Has been the councillor for Eastrop for 13 years and a county councillor for 4 years, working works hard all year round and keeps in contact with the Focus newsletter. If re-elected he'll demand better - whether that is services, value for money or better access to affordable housing. He will also make the council greener - whether it is green planning rules, re-wilding parts of our borough or investing in green energy to fund our services.

Gavin James

Basingstoke South West

Andy Konieczko Andy was born in Leicester and has lived in Basingstoke for over 18 years. He's proud to call the town his home - it's the place where he's started a family; made some of his closest friends; and became involved in local groups such as Hospital Radio Basingstoke, the Prince's Trust and St Anne's School. Andy has been a Brighton Hill North Borough councillor for two years and believes in putting people first, in building strong communities and in investing in important public services, such as education, health and transport. He wants to give people the freedom and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. And he recognises that a Councillor only has one job: to work for you. Andy already has a track record of getting things done for Brighton Hill over the last three years. If elected he will demand more parking - we'll continue to push for more resources to create additional parking spaces; demand better public services - we'll continue to fight on your behalf to make sure that our green spaces are looked after, our roads and pavements are fixed and our football club, ice rink and theatres have a viable future; and demand action on climate change - we'll continue to set the agenda and make sure that we urgently pursue initiatives to tackle global warming.

Andy Konieczko


Roger Ward

Candovers, Oakley & Overton

Paula Baker I am retired now, having worked in Telecoms and teaching. I have previously served as both a Borough Councillor and a Parish Councillor. I have a strong interest in sustainability, and I am a Trustee of a local Charity. For leisure I enjoy gardening and trying to solve cryptic crosswords! I want to see both the County and the Borough make more urgent steps in their Climate Change strategy, to improve their joint waste collection and disposal systems so we can recycle more at the kerbside. Especially n our rural areas we need to develop a transport network more friendly to public transport, pedestrians and cycles.

Paula Baker


Francesca Maritan

Francesa retired in 2019 after a varied career initially in IT & Telecoms, then later in Financial Services, where she was a Risk Director and Money Laundering Reporting Officer. As well as working with regulators and government, Francesca chaired the firm's Risk Committee and was chair of the industry association for 4 years. She has run two successful consultancy businesses where she provided operational risk management, compliance and regulatory advice. Francesca believes this experience will be valueable in the county councilor role.

Francesca came to live in Basingstoke in 2018 and has quickly immersed herself in researching local history and supporting community projects. Covid has stifled some of these activities however Francesca and her partner Chris have been registered Street Champions on point to provide support to neighbours in need for shopping, picking up prescriptions and on one occasion helping to fix a mobility chair! She is a Guide Dog Fosterer with the Guide Dog for the Blind Association supporting the dogs' training from 20 months old to graduation. With the Lib Dem team Francesca has been supporting the community in a variety of case work since lock down started to ease. Francesca believes that the residents in the communities she hopes to represent deserve the best streets, waste management, parks and open spaces. She will continue to fight hard to ensure they have a voice in borough decisions and activities as that's the reason they will have elected her.

After supporting the immediate local issues, Francesca will focus on the leisure, sporting and arts facilities which make Hampshire such a great location for all ages and family circumstances, ensuring they are supported, protected and invested in. A keen cyclist she would like to see solid cycle infrastructure built around and through the county. Recycling and waste management is something she thinks could be greatly improved and she want to see Hampshire move higher up the 'Recycle It' league table from its lowly position of 198.

Basingstoke and Deane have quite rightly declared a climate emergency and Francesca has personally signed the pledge to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. Francesca feels that these two actions will under pin every decision she takes and will inform every motion she proposes

Francesca Maritan

Tadley and Baughurst

Jo Slimin I have lived in Tadley since moving here in 1969 with a young family. I joined Tadley Town Council in 1983 wanting to improve facilities for my young family and fellow residents.I have been re-elected to the Town Council ever since and for two periods was also a Borough councillor for Tadley. As a Town Councillor I have served as Chairman on several occasions, each time making a difference to the facilities and improving the environment. I was a founder member of Tadley Citizens Advice and still serve as a trustee. I am Chair of Governors at the Bishopswood schools and also Chair of Barlow's Park community football ground which I helped to deliver for the community in 2008. As you can see I believe in a hands on role feeling that you get out what you put in. I have had a varied career, working for the Automobile Association, a Housing Association and finally, for 18 years for the Environment Agency where I led on community engagement and media communications until I retired last year. My long time interest in environmental issues encouraged me to become an unpaid Director of Calleva Community Energy installing solar on roofs locally. Having introduced Tadley Spring Clean week I have continued to promote green issues now through engagement with the Tadley Environment Group.

Jo Slimin

Whitchurch and The Cleres

Matt Kaschula I have lived in Whitchurch for just over 2 years. My wife and I moved out here from London. I currently work as a software engineer and my wife works as a teacher at the local primary school.

I want to help make Britain a fairer place to live and believe the local government helping local communities is one of the best ways to achieve that. The Lib Dems have a strong record in local government and I hope to have the opportunity to contribute.

Matt Kaschula