Brighton Hill Lib Dems - demanding better for our area!

May 4, 2021 3:36 PM

The Liberal Democrats already have a track record of getting things done here in Brighton Hill and Andy Konieczko, Andrea Bowes and Peter Whitaker are keen to continue to work hard for our local community.

Brighton Hill Lib Dems 2021

Here's a 30-second summary of what we stand for:

  • Demand more parking. Parking is one of the biggest concerns we hear from Brighton Hill residents and we've been working hard to improve matters. We've arranged for extra street surveys to be carried out across our area to identify problem spots. We've been liaising with the Council's engineering team on creating new spaces, such as the 29 new bays currently being built in Brahms Road. And we've made sure that existing bays are repainted to help us make better use of the spaces we already have. We'll continue to push for more resources to tackle Brighton Hill's parking problems.
  • Demand better public services. We'll continue to fight for your behalf to make sure that our green spaces are looked after and to support important community facilities, including our theatres, ice rink and football club.
  • Demand action on climate change. We'll continue to set the agenda and make sure that the Council urgently pursues initiatives to tackle global warming. We successfully proposed two motions in the most recent Council meeting: one that calls on the Council to look at how eco housing could be incorporated into new developments in Basingstoke, such as Manydown; the other asks the Council to support the important Climate and Ecological Emergencies Bill, which is currently making it's way through Parliament. We'll also push for measures that to promote more walking and cycling in Basingstoke.

You can read our full manifesto here.

Over the last few years, your local Liberal Democrat team has been winning increasing support from local people who appreciate that we're making things happen here. So join us in voting Lib Dem and let's demand better and go greener for Brighton Hill.