Andy Konieczko - My promise to you

April 26, 2019 9:45 AM
By Andrew Konieczko
If I become your Borough Councillor on 2 May, I pledge to:
1. Continue to push for progress to Brighton Hill roundabout and make sure that your voice is heard BH roundabout
2. Support our schools and colleges, in the face of Conservative budget cuts at local and national level, to help all of our children to achieve their potential BH schools
3. Support and help to improve our local facilities to create an even stronger sense of community in Brighton Hill Brighton Hill Scout hut
4. Ensure the Council follows up on our petition and tackles one of Brighton Hill's most pressing issues: the lack of parking spaces Brighton Hill parking
5. Make myself available to you on a regular basis to give you a chance to have your say Andy Konieczko 2018
Andy Konieczko
Demanding better for Brighton Hill!