Time to invest in affordable housing in Basingstoke

November 20, 2018 8:00 AM

The shortage of affordable housing is forcing younger families out of Basingstoke.

John Shaw housingThe average house price remains far in excess of what nurses, police officers and teachers can afford, let alone those on low incomes.

Basingstoke Lib Dems have constantly put forward proposals encouraging the use of the Council's land at Manydown, and looking at modern building technology which can create greener homes at lower cost. And with shorter build times.

Now at long last, the Conservative government has changed the rules. It will now let Councils borrow money to invest in building affordable housing, something the Lib Dems have been calling for, for many years.

Lib Dem councillor Ron Hussey has said: "Too many families are waiting too long for social housing. We need to build more homes to make real inroads into the housing needs register. It's about time we gave families hope."