Demand better action on the environment

November 13, 2018 8:00 AM

John Shaw environmentBasingstoke Lib Dems are making the environment a key part of their 2019 local election campaign, says party spokesman John Shaw.

Greener transport

Already Lib Dems have campaigned to keep buses running throughout the town so people have an alternative to car travel. They are also hoping to persuade other parties to back proposals for all new homes to have parking bays, with electric charging points fitted as diesel and petrol cars are phased out. Of course, none of these travel methods are as green as cycling, and the Lib Dems will continue to press for cycle friendly routes in new developments and major road schemes.

Greener energy

The Lib Dems are well known supporters of renewable energy, but with so much heat and energy lost due to poor building design, they want make sure we cut fuel usage. Proposals to insist all new build homes are zero carbon are part of the party's policy. It's not just energy waste Lib Dems hope to cut. They want a new approach to waste in the borough, encouraging the re-use of goods. This is greener than re-processing the material.

Greener investment

Basingstoke and Deane has sufficient money stored up to be bolder and braver with its investments. So far the Council has thrown limited money into green energy despite healthy returns for the initial trial sites. The Lib Dems want to invest more, not only to provide Basingstoke with green energy, but also make sure any profits can be used locally to fund our services.

More than just preserving nature

Farming practices have removed hedgerows, depleting the natural habitat for many species. Wild flower meadows were damaged by pesticides. Re-development is an opportunity to enhance the biodiversity of Basingstoke. Lib Dem County Councillor Gavin James has given a grant to a local community group, so a wider variety of wild flowers can grow again in the heart of Basingstoke.