Lib Dems save the Number 12 bus

November 8, 2018 7:59 AM

Ron and John at the bus station

Bus users will be relieved that the Tories have not axed an essential bus service covering the South East of Basingstoke, including Eastrop, Black Dam, Brighton Hill and Viables.

Following the announcement of the Conservatives' proposed bus cut, 850 residents signed the 'Save Our Bus' petition organised by local Lib Dems.

Councillors Ron Hussey and John McKay also responded to a Hampshire County Council survey quoting the support of the 850 residents who signed the petition.

Rather than cut the service, the County Council has made alterations to encourage greater usage. A revised hourly number 12 service will go from Kempshott to the town centre, via Brighton Hill and Viables and up Hackwood Road, missing out Black Dam and Eastrop. This will cut journey times by 10 minutes.

A new hourly service (number 17) will be introduced to serve Black Dam and Eastrop so the elderly can access shops and surgeries.

The Liberal Democrats believe an efficient bus service could help improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion, as well as giving freedom to residents to benefit from everything the town has to offer.