Brighton Hill roundabout - residents have their say

November 9, 2018 7:00 AM

Gavin and Andy at Brighton Hill Roundabout in October 2018

Hampshire County Council revealed back in September its plans to upgrade Brighton Hill Roundabout.

The proposals were drawn up to solve the existing traffic problems and make sure that the busy junction can meet the increased demand from new developments, such as the recently opened St Michael's retail park.

Although Hampshire Council conducted its own consultation, we didn't feel this went far enough. As the party best known for listening to local residents, we carried out our own survey by delivering questionnaires to over 1,000 homes throughout Brighton Hill and also encouraging residents to share their views online.

The results reveal that 75% of those surveyed welcomed the improvements to the scheme. Although some were concerned that the additional traffic lights on every junction could slow progress round the roundabout, they felt this was outweighed by the fact that accessing it would be far safer and easier.

One of the more controversial proposals was blocking the access from Western Way directly onto the roundabout.

Lib Dem Brighton Hill activist Andy Konieczko said: "Whilst a number raised this as a negative, most of those responding felt that it was the most dangerous access point. They felt routing the traffic through the soon to be developed Camrose site made sense."