Brighton Hill Roundabout plans to be revealed

August 24, 2018 12:28 PM

Hampshire County Council is asking for your views on plans to tackle congestion at Brighton Hill roundabout.

Brighton Hill Roundabout

A public consultation will be held from 3 September to 1 October.

You'll get the chance to have your say in person at one of four public exhibitions:

  • Tues 4 Sept, 14.00 - 20.00 - Camrose football ground
  • Weds 5 Sept, 11.00 - 17.30 - Church of Christ the King, Brighton Hill
  • Thurs 6 Sept, 14.00 - 20.30 - The Warren, Hatch Warren Community Centre
  • Tues 11 Sept, 14.00 - 20.00 - Camrose football ground

Alternatively, you can comment online from 3 September: go to

Several options have been drawn up by the Council. Their preferred scheme proposes installing traffic lights at all junction of the roundabout. This option would also close access for traffic exiting from Western Way and divert it with a new road through the Camrose football ground. This is because Council engineers say there are currently too many access roads and this limits traffic flow. In addition, the roundabout would be made smaller to add an extra traffic lane. The traffic signals would include crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, and the subways would also be kept.

Another proposal is to create a 'through-about' (similar to Black Dam roundabout and the Tesco proposal) with traffic light-controlled junctions.

If you have any concerns about the proposals, please get in touch with Cllr Gavin James, County Councillor for Basingstoke South East, or Andy Konieczko by email or Facebook.