Andy Konieczko - Making it happen in Brighton Hill

April 20, 2018 7:42 PM

Here's a selection of how we've been helping local residents to make Brighton Hill an even better place to live and work...

Pothole App Andy K

Fixing potholes

The Conservative-controlled County Council is failing to fix Brighton Hill's 'pothole plague'. You keep telling us that potholes are a big issue so we're fighting your case. We're putting pressure on the Council to address the backlog, as you'll have read in the newspapers. We're seeing some progress in places such as Sullivan Road but it's not enough. We'll continue to push for more to be done, through our new pothole app.

Number 12 bus

Saving the Number 12 bus

The Number 12 bus, which links Brighton Hill to the town centre, is a lifeline for local people. Yet the Conservatives on the County Council wanted to scrap it. We've now saved the bus for another year and will continue to fight for you to secure its long term future.

BH roundabout

Making progress on upgrades to Brighton Hill Roundabout

Following pressure from the Lib Dems, Hampshire County Council is now looking at a range of options to reduce delays on the Brighton Hill Roundabout. Now that Labour efforts to delay the Local Plan have failed, the Liberal Democrats will continue to push for investment in the Brighton Hill Roundabout to be made as soon as possible.

Parking Grainger 2018

Fighting for more parking spaces

We received a number of complaints from residents about the lack of parking provision throughout the area. The Conservative-led Borough Council has refused to invest in more parking spaces for you, despite our requests. There's currently a 20 year backlog of work to improve parking in Brighton Hill because of years of Conservative budget cuts.

We've now asked them to mark out parking bays so that residents and visitors can use the existing spaces more effectively. This should help squeeze in some additional cars. We've been monitoring the situation in Britten Road and Purcell Close over the past few months and will present our findings to the Council shortly.

BH park

Cleaning up Brighton Hill Park

We've arranged for the Council to fix broken play equipment and removed obscene graffiti from Brighton Hill Park. The Park is an important local community facility and we want it to be safe and well-maintained.

BH signage

Repairing signage

We noticed that a number of street signs throughout Brighton Hill were no longer legible. We asked the Council to replace all of the affected signs, making it easier for us all to make our way around the area.